Batgirl marijuana strain

The picture conjured by the name Batgirl marijuana strain might have you thinking this would be an energetic high that readies you for defending the city, however don’t go scaling any buildings just yet. This rare and hazy bud brought to you by TGA Subcool Seeds actually chills you out and readies you for some pringles and a seat on the couch. Order marijuana online

By crossing Jack’s Cleaner and Blueberry, Batgirl marijuana strain delivers a strangely hypnotic flavor profile ranging from, you guessed it, Blueberry and a strong aromatic cleanser-like scent, with a palette of berry and harsh spiciness bordering potpourri. The THC in these olive and blue colored nugs range between 18% and 24%, giving you a hard-hitting and occasionally overwhelming head high sure to send you soaring through the clouds. Order marijuana online

The high itself is a gamble, with some users saying that it gives them an energetic rush to begin with followed by tingles and a long slow come down that attaches them to their couch. Others say that it is a dazed and confused high from beginning to end. However you cut the pie, the consensus is that it lifts your spirits and gives you a deep sense of calm that makes it hard to concentrate and steals away all motivation, making this a great evening to night time high. If you are looking to rid yourself of stress, Batgirl is a great strain to get you there. Order marijuana online

Though its parents are suggested for a myriad of medicinal purposes, Batgirl marijuana strain appears to have limited uses. Because of its incredibly high THC levels, it is great for the treatment of chronic depression, chronic stress, mood swings, and fatigue. It is not recommended for any ailments where CBD is required in the treatment. Novice users should take note that Batgirl’s THC levels can bring on a heck of a high, and caution should be used with this strain. Order marijuana online

Growing this plant proves to be tricky and very little information is available beyond that. With an unknown flowering time, some speculate around 8 to 10 weeks, and a recommendation of advanced grower’s expertise, this indoor/outdoor plant seems to be a rare breed for good reason. If you do happen to get your hands on some seeds, try imploring an experienced grower to walk you through the process. Order marijuana online

If you are in the market for a surefire stoney high that will leave you feeling tingly and relaxed, Batgirl marijuana strain is the one for you. Though you probably won’t be saving lives in Gotham City, you will be staving off stress and bringing a little bliss back into your night. Order marijuana online



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Batgirl marijuana strain