Louis OG cannabis strain is an Indica strain that comes from an obscure place. The kush is known for her strength, with a 20% THC count. This herb hits users almost immediately, the buzz is felt after the first puff. Buy marijuana online USA .Louis OG marijuana grows pretty green buds covered in a forest of hairs. The nugs are a pleasure to smoke, they smell of berries and pine. This weed is popular among such artists as B-Real and Snoop Dog. Louis OG marijuana strain is good for night time medical and recreational use. Buy marijuana online USA

Type of High

Louis OG weed strain induces powerful cerebral euphoria and strong body buzz. Uplifts mood, prompts giggles. Has strong analgesic properties, relieves stress, helps with insomnia & nausea. Relaxes the body, promotes laziness, couchlock & sleep. Buy marijuana online USA


The genetic origins of Louis OG weed strain are unknown.

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Louis OG weed strain