Master P cannabis strain is an Indica marijuana popular in Southern California. This kush has high 25% THC count and hits users like a brick wall. Beginner smokers should be mindful of the dose to avoid lethargic stupor and overwhelming couchlock. Master P's buds smell of earth and are covered in trichomes. This kush can be mostly found in San Diego County. Master P marijuana strain is good for night time recreational and medical use due to strong sedative properties. Buy marijuana online USA

Type of High

Master P marijuana strain induces strong body buzz, calms the mind, relieves stress. Promotes relaxation, laziness and sleep. Stimulates appetite, helps to control pain and nausea. In larger dose may knock out and overwhelm with permanent couchlock. Buy marijuana online USA


Master P weed strain is a cross between Master Kush and a mix of several Indicas.

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Master P weed strain