Wally OG marijuana strain

Winner winner, chicken dinner. Colorado keeps getting blessed with strains that blow users right out of the water. Wally OG is an indica-leaning hybrid infamous for its participation in the 2013 THC Classic where it dazzled fans with its ultra-high THC levels and its intensely relaxing effects. By crossing Ghost OG with Phantom OG, breeders have created a wallop of a high that is by no means for the faint of heart. It might even scare newer users right out of their boots!. Buy marijuana online USA

The THC levels of these super dense, spade-shaped buds stay fairly steady around 25% guaranteeing users a strong and heady high. Though this is a down the middle blend, the effects tend to lean more toward the indica side, giving it a sleepiness that directly contradicts the focus it also provides. The flavors are bright, much like its parentage, and heavy in herbs and berry notes, while the aromas tend to be more floral and spicy. To complement the enticing palette, the neon green nugs are covered in orange hairs and crystal white trichomes. Buy marijuana online

While the Wally OG high starts off fairly energetic and creative, you’ll find that after just a few short minutes the body weight tends to overcome the flightiness of the head high and you’ll start to feel too sleepy to get much done. If you’ve taken this strain out at the end of a long day, it will give you the perfect relaxing nightcap. The warming sensation that rushes over your whole body soothes down any muscle aches or tension and will have you feeling right as rain come morning. Buy marijuana online USA

For medical users, this is an ideal strain for treating headaches, chronic pain, cramps, and other aches or pains associated with tension. The sedative-like properties smooth out cramping and tightness with ease and will have you feeling the sweet relief you crave. Additionally, these same attributes will help with insomnia, night terrors, restless leg syndrome, and next day fatigue caused by unsettled sleep. For mood disorders this is recommended for stress, anxiety, and bipolar, however depression is a tricky one to add to this list. As this is technically a ‘downer’ strain, it may agitate pre-existing symptoms. Buy marijuana online

Flowering time for Wally OG is around 8 to 9 weeks and will produce an average yield of around 12 oz per square meter when kept in warm and temperate climates. Wally OG tends to grow quite tall, so if you are not in a place to accommodate the space needed for a full bloom, pruning or outdoor cultivation is recommended. This is an easy plant and is resistant to most common molds and mildew. Buy marijuana online

For a chill end of the night session, you’ll love Wally OG. It is a sharable strain that leaves everyone in the room feeling relaxed and happy. Though, if you are a solo smoker (and many prefer it that way) this universal bud is great for that too. Shake off the stresses of the day by grabbing a bit of this gem and letting it all burn away. Buy marijuana online


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Wally OG marijuana strain